What can the Life Sciences industry do to offset the impacts of a pandemic-driven recession?

The coronavirus crisis is a story with an unclear ending. Will it eventually spark a pandemic-driven recession or not? Join our webinar and gain a better understanding of how to potentially offset the impact of a recession on the Life Sciences industry based on learnings from the causes and effects triggered by the latest recession (Financial Crisis in 2008).



Tuesday 5th. May 2020

09:45 - 10:30 hrs.

(45 min. webinar)


Henrik Brabrand, CEO

Albright Partners A/S

Henrik's bio

In this 45 minute webinar, join our speaker Henrik Brabrand, CEO at Albright Partners A/S on a deep-dive into the world of a pandemic-driven recession. Henrik will share insights, answering the following questions, generating the following take-away learning:


  • What were the challenges and learnings of the Life Sciences industry from the latest economic crisis (financial crisis)

  • What can the Life Sciences industry and its leaders do to potentially offset the impacts of a pandemic-driven recession.


Henrik will include insights and learnings from the latest studies and articles conducted by McKinsey & Co, Capgemini and others.

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