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Albright's Organizational Advisory forbinder forretningsstrategi med organisationsstrategi




At Albright we help our clients identify and understand the uniqueness of their organization, and from this baseline, we help develop their organizations to deliver on their company’s business strategy. 

Strategies depend on effective execution – and execution is about people and people are the engine of an organization. So, whether you are a small, medium or large sized company your need is the same and our task is the same: To realize the potential of your employees and align them to deliver on the business strategy.

We convert strategic intent into organizational capability, commitment and performance by helping you answer the following questions:


  1. How should you best structure and organize to be able to deliver on the strategy?

  2. What capabilities do you need to improve upon or add in order to deliver on the strategy?

  3. How do you build a high performance/high commitment workforce good enough to deliver on the strategy?

  4. How do you create an operating environment and culture suitable to deliver on your strategy?

  5. How do you sharpen your organizations ability to deliver strong leadership and productivity while leveraging your capabilities to deliver superior value?


In a nutshell, our key focus is to assure, that our clients develop an organization capable of delivering on their strategy. 

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