Albright's Board Advisory Practice is a trusted center of excellence, helping Life Science clients in building effective boards




Leveraging more than 50 years of experience and Life Sciences industry insights, Albright's board search services match governing boards with Non-Executive and Executive Directors who can best enable their continued success, diversity goals and mission fulfillment.


We understand the importance of complex board governance issues in the Life Sciences space, and the key roles that board composition and effectiveness play in the sustainability of Life Sciences companies.


The biggest challenge for any Life Sciences company is appointing the right individuals to the board, to get the best mix. Our clients—who include many of the most prestigious and innovative Life Sciences and Health Care organizations in the world—trust us to find the right fit, wherever that search may take us. With a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion we are dedicated to bringing the value of multiple views and differences into the boardroom. 


We help our clients define the best possible board composition and dynamics. Based on a clearly defined ownership strategy and board mandate and focus, we build our search from the desired professional competencies, industry competencies and interpersonal competencies required to run an effective board. 

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Henrik Brabrand, CEO

Albright Partners A/S

M: +45 7199 2799 I E:

Henrik is heading up the Life Sciences Board Practice at Albright Partners A/S. For the past two decades he has conducted Executive Search and Board Search assignments for clients in the Life Sciences industry - globally. Moreover, Henrik has a Board Certificate from Board Assure and a CBS Board Education in Board Work and Corporate Governance for Life Science Startups.